Our mission is to educate consumers with news and information on the food supply chain, sustainable agriculture, and nutrition.

Global Food

Explores how all countries depend on each other for food and how trade policy and regulations impact food supply, safety, and prices.

Sustainable Agriculture

Explores the balance between feeding a growing global population without compromising the environment, animal or human welfare, and food safety.



News, views, and tips on the marketing integrity of our food choices as it pertains to diet, health, and food safety.

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Should I Go Gluten Free?

Should I Go Gluten Free?

Are you thinking about going “gluten-free”? Many people claim it helps them lose weight or ease inflammation. And these days, gluten-free options abound in the grocery store and on restaurant menus. Gluten-free isn’t for everyone.

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The (Potential) Power of CBD

The (Potential) Power of CBD

Is it too good to be true? CBD will reduce stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and is a promising therapeutic agent in the battle against epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

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