Dirt-to-Dinner educates the curious consumer on how food travels from the farm to our forks. We use verified science to answer questions on our global food supply chain, sustainability in agriculture, the integrity of our food, and its nutrition.
Global Food and You
Understanding how food travels around the world and comes to your dinner plate.
Sustainable Agriculture
Investigating the sustainability of agricultural practices including new technologies.

Food and Nutrition
Exploring the integrity of our food ingredients and its nutritional effect on our health.

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Coffee: Friend or Foe?

Coffee: Friend or Foe?

Coffee speaks a global language. This potent little bean wakes up millions of people every morning. Are there any health risks associated with your morning cup of caffeinated joe? Alternatively, are there any benefits?

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Edible Insects

Edible Insects

Insects are in the spotlight as a healthy, affordable, and easily produced protein source for the future. We’ve examined the health benefits, but now it’s time to put these critters to the taste test.

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