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Food Safety at Farmers’ Markets

Summer is almost here! Soon farmers’ markets will be bustling as consumers flock to buy fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and even meat from local farmers. While we at D2D enjoy shopping at the occasional farmer’s market, we had to ask ourselves – what food safety regulation applies to the food there? The same as or different than the fruits and vegetables we buy at the grocery store?

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When is “Science” Truly Science?

The phrase “new research shows…” might not always give the most dependable health information. In this information age, we are constantly bombarded with and have easy access to copious amounts of info and data about health-related research findings including ones claiming to have supporting scientific evidence. But how do you know the scientific evidence is based on sound science? As consumers, its important to determine whether the findings of new scientific studies are reliable and which are not?

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Ready for the RoundUp?

As the herbicide connected to GM crops, glyphosate is being shamed by environmental groups, claiming it can cause a host of terrible diseases including cancer, obesity, and even autism. Is the product that has been deemed safe for 40 years and is readily available at Home Depot and other garden stores really dangerous to our health?

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An Unlikely Partnership: Agriculture + Social Media

Social media often influences a consumer’s buying behavior, loyalty to brands, and even opinions on the health content of a product. It has the power to elevate a brand’s stature and the power to bring a company to its knees. In terms of the food supply chain, social media has provided a means to demand transparency— and agricultural enterprises are responding.

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