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Got Milk?

Milk is a perfect and easy vehicle for many important nutrients. It is high in calcium, protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamins A, E, D, B2 and B12! But, recent concerns pertaining to the lactose and/or saturated fat content has made milk somewhat of a controversial food group. We’ve done some digging and there is certainly a lot to consider. Before you toss the carton, you might want to consider the health benefits…

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The Lowdown on Antioxidants

What is an antioxidant? Do you know if your body needs antioxidants? If not— you are not alone! These days, millions of products are labeled as containing a strong source of antioxidants. But do you need to buy into the craze? Let’s find out…

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The Truth about Cleansing

There are no known long term health benefits to cleansing. And if we’re being honest, juice cleansing doesn’t taste or feel that great… So, do you really need to starve yourself with green juice to detoxify your body?

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