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5 Differences Between GMO and CRISPR

GMO and CRISPR technologies help farmers grow food with fewer pesticides, less water, and less impact on the environment. But, there are differences between the two. Do you know what they are?


Celebrating World Health Day: 5 Foods to Add to Your Diet

In celebration of World Health Day, we’re going to tell you the five foods that we should all incorporate into our diets to ensure a healthy heart, mind, and body.


5 Food Labels to Look Out For

When you go to the grocery store, you'll see an array of different labels plastered all over your food, each one with a perceived connotation of whether it's good or bad. But what consumers don't know is the truth behind these labels and what they really mean.


Will New Wheat and Barley Genomes Help Feed the World?

Scientists have discovered a new genetic variation in both barley and wheat through genetic sequencing. This global effort to breed higher-yielding crops can help feed a growing population.

Agricultural Technology, Food Production, Future of Food


Meeting Demand: A New Type of Salmon

There's a new breed of salmon that requires less food and water, takes less time to grow, and supports the rural American economy all while having the same health benefits as farmed or wild-caught salmon. Will you buy it?

Animal Welfare and Health, Food Production, Food Regulations and Policy


How COVID Affects Global GM Crops

COVID-19 has ramped up vaccine production using genetic modification technologies, but ag has seen the opposite effect on GM approval for crops. And no one's been hit harder than farmers in developing countries where significant progress came to a screeching halt.

Food Regulations and Policy, Food Security