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Don’t Be Fooled by Food Labels

There are so many food labels today: Organic, Grassfed, No Hormones or Antibiotics added, Non-GMO, Certified Humane…the list goes on. D2D's here to help you understand them and to know when you’re being fooled!

Food Ingredients, Food Regulations and Policy


Pet Food for Thought

The FDA recently stated that several specialty dog food formulations have led to canine heart disease. With so many food choices today, what should we feed our pets?

Food Ingredients, Food Production, Health


The Farm Babe: An Ag Love Story

This is the story of the agricultural advocate, Michelle Miller, or better known as "The Farm Babe". D2D learns first-hand about Michelle's journey from the big city to a rural farm in Iowa, and how it completely changed her views on our food system.

D2D on the Farm


My Nightmare Meal: A Personal Reflection of Our Food System

Ag Secretary Perdue recently told us not to fear our food. Have we really come to the point that people must be told by a cabinet-level government official that their food supply is okay to eat?

Food Regulations and Policy, Food Safety