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D2D's "Nice List" for the Holidays

Here's our "nice list" of helpful posts to keep you healthy, happy and in-the-know through the holidays and into the new year. Everything from delicious, low sugar recipes to our 2019 news round-up on trade and alternative proteins, we've got you covered!

Food Regulations and Policy, Health, Soil and Crop Management


2 Trade Deals and Plant Food in a Pear Tree: Top News in 2019

2019 has been a wild ride! News about our food and how we get it – from dirt to dinner – have had us on the edge of our seats...

Animal Welfare and Health, Food Production, Food Regulations and Policy, Food Safety, Food Trade, Soil and Crop Management


The Dirt to Dinner Team: Giving Thanks

The D2D Team has a lot to feel grateful for this holiday season! Here are a few things that we'll be giving thanks to this year as we celebrate with our family and friends.

Food Production, Soil and Crop Management


Packing Social Concerns in the Lunchbox

As a scientist and mom of three young kids, back to school to Dr. Evanega means preparing her kids' lunches with their tastes - and global considerations - in mind.

Agricultural Technology, Food Regulations and Policy, Food Technology