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Animal Antibiotics: Should We Be Concerned?

Two million: The population in New Mexico. Two million: The number of people, each year, who get an antibiotic-resistant infection. Now imagine the entire state of New Mexico

You Are What You Eat!

By following a healthy diet, chronic inflammation can be reduced by up to 50%.

Should I Go Gluten Free?

Are you thinking about going “gluten-free”? Many people claim it helps them lose weight or ease inflammation. And these days, gluten-free options abound in the grocery store and on restaurant menus. Gluten-free isn’t for everyone.

Feeding the World: One Byte at a Time

The research that is underway at Cornell University’s Initiative for Digital Agriculture is – and will be – revolutionary. It will touch the lives of consumers every single day. Here’s how…

The (Potential) Power of CBD

Is it too good to be true? CBD will reduce stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and is a promising therapeutic agent in the battle against epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Is CO2 Putting Your Nutrition at Risk?

Do you count on rice and wheat as a significant source for your protein and minerals? Climate scientists have written that as CO2 increases, the nutrients in our food will decline. Is our diet at risk?

Is Salt Worth its Salt?

There is Himalayan salt, Pink Salt, Grey Salt, Black, Salt, Blue Salt, Coarse Salt, Flakey Salt… What makes them different? Is there a type of salt that is more nutritious?

Frozen Fruits & Veggies: Is Fresh Always Best?

When it comes to produce, is fresh always best? Or is frozen produce equally as nutritious? Also, let’s find out how to prepare our homegrown veggies for a deep freeze so we can continue enjoying them for the months to come!

The 3 Triggers of Chronic Inflammation

Are you inflamed? There are three main reasons your body could have chronic inflammation: digestive issues, obesity, and ingesting too many toxins.

Juice is Not Worth the Squeeze

Children’s excessive consumption of juice has been linked to an increased risk of weight gain, cavities, blood pressure, cholesterol and hyperactivity. So why are we feeding our kids this stuff?

Is Honey Healthier than Sugar?

Is honey a healthier sweetener than sugar? We wanted to learn more about what is in honey and how this delicious sweetener is made.

Is Cold-Pressed Juice Healthier than a Smoothie?

Cold-pressed juices are very popular these days. But when you juice fruits and vegetables, you remove almost all of the fiber from your favorite produce and leave behind a lot of sugar.

Microbiomes at Work

A mini universe of microbes exists within and around each of us. As scientists begin to genetically sequence microbiota, they have discovered ways to enhance human, animal, and plant health.

Dear Juice Press…

Dear Juice Press, your fear-based marketing tactics are hurtful to farmers and spread false information to uninformed consumers.

A Stop Sign for Obesity?

Obesity is a global health challenge that requires action. Recently, Chile has adopted black stop sign labels to warn consumers of food products high in sugar, saturated fat, calories, and sodium.

What is the Dirty Dozen?

Have you heard the buzz about the dirty dozen? These fruits and veggies have gotten a bad reputation and consumers are being told to buy them only when organically grown. But is this fear justified?

Dirt-to-Dinner Journey: Coffee

Do you know where your coffee comes from? How it is grown, harvested, processed, and roasted? Coffee is so much more than a wonderful morning pick-me-up.

Coffee: Friend or Foe?

Coffee speaks a global language. This potent little bean wakes up millions of people every morning. Are there any health risks associated with your morning cup of caffeinated joe? Alternatively, are there any benefits?

Edible Insects

Insects are in the spotlight as a healthy, affordable, and easily produced protein source for the future. We’ve examined the health benefits, but now it’s time to put these critters to the taste test.

Are there hormones in milk?

All milk contains naturally-occurring hormones. But, consumer perception is that the hormones in milk that has been treated with rBST is bad for your health. In reality, this is not true.

What is an Artificial Sweetener?

Alternative sugar sweeteners have gotten a bad name and are associated with cancer, Alzheimer’s, and even obesity. Here at D2D, we decided to go on a fact-finding mission…

Is sugar bad for you?

Sugar is a controversial food ingredient. Most consumers do not know their daily recommended amount of sugar— and over consuming sugar has been tied to obesity, heart disease, cancer, and inflammation…

What is Inflammation?

Are you inflamed? Chronic inflammation is believed to be the underlying cause of many long-term illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and even brain diseases…

Healthier Holiday Cocktails

From the D2D team: Recipes for delicious low-cal holiday cocktails! Read the full post: It's the Merriest Time of Year (for...

D2D in the Kitchen: Prepping a Clean Turkey

Gobble Gobble. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and many of you will soon be prepping the old butter-ball for your friends and family. Thanksgiving turkey…

The TB12 Diet: One Size Does Not Fit All

Tom Brady has defied the odds of aging and is still playing professional football at age 40. The recent release of his book, How to Achieve a Lifetime…

Nix The Toxins!

We are told to live in fear of toxic substances and their effects on our health. But what makes something toxic? And how does our body process toxicants? It’s time to explore the different types of toxic exposures in our daily lives and whether or not we need to worry about them…

What is Clean Eating?

What does it mean to eat clean? We have been reading a lot about this approach to ‘healthy eating’ but it seems somewhat misleading. It’s time to get our hands dirty and dig into the “clean eating” movement.

The Ketogenic Diet: Fueling the Body with Fat

Should we be burning our fat for fuel? The Ketogenic Diet embraces healthy fats and asks you to kick carbs, sugar, and even some protein to the curb. It’s proven to be successful in very overweight patients, but what does the research say about long term potential, especially if you are not obese. Is this just another fad diet? Read on to find out…

Agave: Too Good to be True

Agave nectar is a popular sweetener that many people use in order to replace sugar. We did some digging into this sweet nectar to find out exactly how it is processed and if it is in fact better for you than ordinary table sugar. What do you think we found out?

Crazy for Kombucha

Kombucha is a tasty tea-based, probiotic drink that has recently become extremely popular in the health-crazed market. This carbonated “cure-all” boasts the ability to regulate digestion…

Digging Deeper: Pasteurization

In our recent “Journey”, Milk: From Cow to Carton, the D2D team explored the process and production of of milk. A few of our readers have questioned why milk needs to be pasteurized. They heard that raw milk has superior nutritional benefits and are curious–what happens during the heating process of pasteurization? We decided to dig deeper into the important role pasteurization plays in the production of milk.

Grilling Season: Food Safety Best Practices

We’re not telling— we don’t want to spread it around!
Many people may think they have a  “summer stomach bug” when it actually may be a germ from your kitchen.
Let’s get ready for BBQ season and stay safe from foodborne illnesses.

Greek Yogurt: Wasting A-whey

The D2D team discovered that much of the milk used in the production of Greek yogurt doesn’t end up in the final yogurt product. Are there ways to repurpose this “acid whey”?

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has become an extremely popular “cure all,” that many believe has the ability to help fight weight gain, keep your gut healthy, regulate your stomach acidity, clear up your skin, stabilize blood sugar, and fight cancer cells. It sounds too good to be true. Is it…?

Where Does Salt Come From?

Geologists call it Halite, chemists call it sodium chloride (NaCl)— the rest of us call it salt.  Salt has a remarkable history, which dates back to the earliest civilizations. It is a vital component in the functioning of our bodies and it boasts over 14,000 known uses. Where does it all come from?

Got Milk?

Milk is a perfect and easy vehicle for many important nutrients. It is high in calcium, protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamins A, E, D, B2 and B12! But, recent concerns pertaining to the lactose and/or saturated fat content has made milk somewhat of a controversial food group. We’ve done some digging and there is certainly a lot to consider. Before you toss the carton, you might want to consider the health benefits…

Is Protein Powder Healthy?

Protein is extremely important. It helps your body build muscle, repair issue, and creates important hormones and enzymes. While every person is different and may require different amounts of protein, one thing is for sure— we all need it. To make it easier to get protein, many consumers turn to protein supplements. But, do you know where these powders or products are coming from? The D2D team took a deeper look at some protein supplements—here is what we learned…

Does Intermittent Fasting Prevent Age Related Diseases?

New research has indicated that controlled fasting performed roughly twice a year may help keep your healthy cells healthy and enable your body to replace damaged cells. Is this another gimmick or new information that we should actually listen to? Before the media runs wild with this research, let’s find the facts…

CTRL+ALT+P…here comes your dinner!

When you think of eating a well-balanced, homemade meal full of fresh ingredients the last word that comes to mind is technology. Today, culinary experts are exploring how food can be… printed! Is it possible to print food that is fresh and tasty? Will our kitchens soon be equipped with printers?! Where is this new technology headed?

What’s With Alkaline Water?

Water is the most important substance for the human body– it’s over 50% of our body mass. But does the type of water you drink make you healthier? Recently, alkaline water has become hugely popular in the U.S. It promises to balance out acidity in your body, help neutralize free radicals, and protect against osteoporosis. Is this true? Let’s find out…

Seasons Change…Your Produce Should Too!

As the seasons change, our produce options change as well. This happens to be optimal for your body. But, do you know what produce to buy and when? How to select fruit that is ripe and veggies that are fresh?

Let’s go to the MED!

What would it be like to “eat like a Mediterranean?” Recently, this approach to food has been touted as one of the most beneficial “diets” on the market. Can it help hopeful healthy-eaters enjoy a better relationship with their food?

The Lowdown on Antioxidants

What is an antioxidant? Do you know if your body needs antioxidants? If not— you are not alone! These days, millions of products are labeled as containing a strong source of antioxidants. But do you need to buy into the craze? Let’s find out…

Do You Matcha?

Matcha green tea is the highest grade and most potent green tea available. Its nutritional profile boasts high antioxidants, a strong amino acid content, and a good source vitamins and minerals. So, we wanted to know what makes this so-called “superfood” so special? Should we be drinking matcha everyday?

Fat: Our New Friend!

Now is the time to start planning your New Year’s resolutions. If you are thinking about cutting down on fat, you might want to give this a quick read first!
Fat is not the four letter word it once was. Here is why…

What is Sugar?

Most of us eat two to three times more sugar than is recommended. What does this mean for your health? And what about the various types of sugar on the market—are there healthier options?

The Power of Plants

As the demand increases for new “meatless options”, we asked ourselves— should we be making a switch or simply incorporating more plant-based products into our diet?


Coconuts as a “superfood” hit the mainstream food market in big way a few years ago, and the products are endless (water, oil, milk, juice, sugar, flour). Each product touts a dense nutritional content of antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals… is this true?

A “New” Burger

The protein staple that often occupies 50% of your dinner plate has turned from traditional beef, pork, or chicken to vegetable-based proteins and cultured meat. How is food technology influencing our protein options?

Crazy for Cocoa

How healthy is chocolate? How much (or how little) do you need to reap the nutritional benefits? Is it just dark chocolate or can it be found in other chocolate products as well?

How Safe is Our Food?

What is being done by the food industry and government agencies to keep you healthy and trust the food you buy?

Grass or Grain, Beef is Beef

Whether your meat was fed a grain based meal or foraged for grass, it is still a nutritious source of protein, B-complex vitamins, zinc, iron and phosphorus.

Let The Hens Out! Cage Free Eggs

By 2025, the US egg supply will be predominantly cage free. How are chicken producers responding to consumer demand for transparency? What does this mean for the welfare of the chicken?

Your Second Brain: Gut Microbiota

We are being told that our gut is our second brain! Is this true? And if it is, are probiotics the intelligence behind the brain?

Skin: Your Body’s Largest Organ

Skin is your body’s largest organ. Like the rest of your body, it needs the proper protection and nutrients to stay healthy.

Supplements: Natural or Synthetic?

With a few exceptions—such as vitamin E, natural beta-carotene, and vitamin B12—all of the vitamins used in dietary supplements are synthetic.

Why Take a Vitamin?

It can be next to impossible to get all the micronutrients you need in your daily diet. Supplements are important to ensure you reach the daily recommended amount of vitamins.

Conventional…or Organic?

While products labeled as “USDA Organic” have adhered to strict growing guidelines, “conventional agriculture” (which still produces the majority of our nation’s food) is strictly regulated as well.

The Red Wine Diet

A glass of red wine is the equivalent to an hour in the gym? That cannot be real—can it?

The 5:2 Fasting Diet

While you may need to jump start your system with an extreme diet, long term weight loss is really only successful if you develop and maintain healthy eating habits.

Understanding the Paleo Diet

While keeping Paleo can help you maintain a diet free of both additives and preservatives, eliminating entire food groups probably isn’t the way to go.

Investigating the “Natural” Label

Labeling food as “natural” is often more of a marketing ploy than anything else. Guess what, foods without the “natural” label can still be good for you…

Glycemic Index vs. Glycemic Load

Glycemic load is calculated by taking a foods glycemic index, multiplying it by the carbohydrate content (measured in grams) and divided by 100. The glycemic load is actually more reliable than the glycemic index.

Should We Eat Wheat?

Eliminating an entire food group will ultimately result in rapid weight loss, however this is not sustainable. Whole grain is an important part of your daily nutrition and while you don’t want to have a big bowl of pasta every day, eating a well balanced meal, which includes wheat, is healthy.

The Truth about Juice Cleanses

There are no known long term health benefits to cleansing. And if we’re being honest, juice cleansing doesn’t taste or feel that great… So, do you really need to starve yourself with green juice to detoxify your body?

Is Red Meat Carcinogenic

The World Health Organization released a statement saying red meat consumption should be limited as it is considered carcinogenic. But before you ditch the steak or even occasional bacon, we need to take a closer look at the studies behind this statement and whether the potential risk is something to worry about…

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