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Explores how all countries depend on each other for food and how trade policy and regulations impact food supply, safety, and prices.
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CO2: The Greatest Fertilizer of All

More CO2 in the atmosphere means stronger, healthier plants. Yes, it is true, carbon dioxide is the perfect fertilizer for all things green. It helps the food we grow withstand drought and increases the yield per acre. Will rising CO2 put our food at risk?

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Is CO2 Putting Your Nutrition at Risk?

Do you count on rice and wheat as a significant source for your protein and minerals? Climate scientists have written that as CO2 increases, the nutrients in our food will decline. Is our diet at risk?

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What is the Farm Bill — and why should you care?

The Dirt: Yesterday, June 13th, the United States Senate met to discuss the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill affects the lives of all Americans, but many of us don’t even know about it. Furthermore, the Bill is incredibly comprehensive and can be difficult to understand. D2D...

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In the News: China Trade on Soybeans and Pork

Recently the U.S. and China have locked horns in a battle of words over trade that has resulted in both countries threatening increased tariffs. The list of agricultural products impacted is worth about $3 billion

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Dirt-to-Dinner Journey: Coffee

Do you know where your coffee comes from? How it is grown, harvested, processed, and roasted? Coffee is so much more than a wonderful morning pick-me-up.

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