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About Us

Dirt to Dinner is a self-funded, non-revenue-generating digital publication that maintains a commitment to objectivity and fairness, sound science, and rational thinking. Our research includes information gathered from universities, farmers and ranchers, research professionals, food companies, field experts, and scientific studies. We write the facts regardless of popular opinion and cite our sources accordingly.

Dirt to Dinner provides factual information about our food system through rigorous research, interviews with food suppliers, and insights from industry experts. We understand there is no singular way to feed the world. Our modern food system is a complex mix of critical people, skills, technologies, and techniques.

There is not always a simple answer – but there is always a solution – and we work to deliver that to you on our site and with our weekly e-newsletter.

Our purpose is to:

    • Bridge the knowledge gap between consumers and producers
    • Investigate the future of food and its impact on our global food system
    • Explain how we grow food sustainably
    • Explore the latest science in nutrition, health, and our diet

Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories

We create an interactive platform for farmers, ranchers, and global food producers who nourish our world. To connect all of us to our larger food system, we look deeper into the stories of those who grow and produce our daily food.

Global Food Global Food

Global Food

We live in a world with a complex international food system. We explore how food is produced, processed, and delivered with an emphasis on supply, price, trade, and food safety.

Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Every day our agricultural system must sustainably produce more food for a growing population – this is no small task. We explore the regenerative, economic, environmental, and social dimensions which protect our global resources.

Nutrition Nutrition


We provide credible and defensible information about all aspects of diet, health, and nutrition. We debunk trendy diets, correct misinformation, and promote a better understanding of the factors that contribute to what we eat.

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