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About Us

Food Matters. We at Dirt to Dinner want to help our readers better understand how our food is grown and processed, and why this is important to us all. We aim to:

  • Bridge the knowledge gap between consumers and producers.
  • Investigate the future of food and our global food system.
  • Explain how our food system can be grown sustainably.
  • Explore the science behind the latest trends in nutrition, health, and diet.

Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories

Farmers, ranchers, and all those in our global food system sustain us every day. We take a deeper look into the lives of those who pave the way for our nourishment.

Global Food Global Food

Global Food

We live in a world with a complex food system. We explore how food is produced, processed, and delivered with an emphasis on food supply, prices, and food safety.

Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Every day our planet must produce more food for more people – sustainably. But sustainability has a myriad of definitions. We explore the economic, environmental, and social dimensions. We look at a wide range of topics: the environment, changing nutritional demands, changing consumer expectations, human and animal health, and more.

Nutrition Nutrition


You are what you eat. How do different diets affect your health? The answer is not always clear. Is there science and research behind popular health trends?

There is no one way to feed the world. Our modern food system is a multiplicity of people, skills and capabilities, technologies, and techniques. They all play an important role in producing the food our growing world needs. Dirt to Dinner is self-funded with a commitment to objectivity and fairness, driven by sound science and rational thinking. Our research includes information gathered from universities, farmers, research professionals, companies, field experts, and scientists. We write the facts regardless of popular opinion.

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