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5 Benefits of GMOs

GMOs are one of the most controversial topics in mainstream culture, even though they are proven to have many benefits for our farmers, consumers, and the environment.


Public Opinion: A Misguided Discussion on GMOs

It started as pleasantries in a small-town parking lot, but when GMOs came up, the conversation took a turn for the worse. What happens next is a clash between science, opinion, and its effect on our food system.

Food Technology


Are GMOs Bad for the Environment?

On the contrary. In fact, here's a different way to spell the word green: GE – Genetic Engineering. GE technology includes genetically modified organisms, which some critics claim harm the environment. But in reality, GMOs help farmers use pesticides responsibly, conserve water and increase soil health while increasing their crop yield.

Food Technology, Soil and Crop Management


Can I Get Sick from Animals Fed GMOs?

If I eat meat or dairy and those animals have eaten GMO corn or soybeans, am I ingesting GMOs, too? Will I get sick? And what about the animals...is GMO feed harmful to them?

Food Safety, Health


Can GMOs Make Me Sick?

Concerned if GMOs are harmful to your health? We dug into exactly what happens in our bodies when we eat food that has been grown with a GMO.

Agricultural Technology, Food Safety, Health


GMOs are Confusing: A Recipe for Understanding

Consumers continue to be confused about GMOs. What if we told you that enhancing your banana bread recipe with additional nutrients is similar in concept to adding a gene to a plant?

Food Ingredients, Food Technology