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Fish, Feed, and Food in the Fjords

D2D recently had the opportunity to visit salmon farms in Norway. We were able to experience the impressive undertaking of these aquacultures first hand. Unfortunately, the sustainability of farmed salmon continues to be misunderstood. So, we are thrilled to be able to share this experience with our readers and educate on this important industry.

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Out of the Air and into the Soil

The importance of healthy soil cannot be underestimated. Healthy soil has a direct impact on food security and our environment. But world soils are in the infirmary. They need more carbon to bring them back to health. Can we take carbon out of the air, and put it back into soils?

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Let’s Byte into Ag

There’s an increasingly widespread— and extremely important— ingredient in our global food system…It’s not a new nutrient. Not a preservative. Not a new flavoring. Not a new GMO.
And certainly not another other food ingredient….

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The Bright Side of Carbon Dioxide

While we are constantly inundated with the potentially dire consequences of climate change, what we don’t hear about is how increased levels of carbon dioxide actually helps plants grow. Trees and crops thrive on CO2 and grow faster and better with more carbon in the air. This CO2 fertilization effect has positive implications to help feed our growing population.

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Carbon: The Dance of Life

The recent debate over United States involvement in the Paris Agreement motivated the D2D team to look more closely at the changing climate and its effect on agriculture. Before we address climate change, we thought we would put CO2 under the microscope to understand the important role carbon dioxide plays in our food system.

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Waste Not, Want Not

Food loss and waste is a problem that hasn’t gone away. Despite aggressive efforts across the entire food supply chain— from the farm to food production and even your dinner plate— much more work needs to be done in order to deal with this important global problem. A significant portion of food waste occurs in our own kitchens! So, how can YOU help with this critical issue?

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Food Safety at Farmers’ Markets

Summer is almost here! Soon farmers’ markets will be bustling as consumers flock to buy fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and even meat from local farmers. While we at D2D enjoy shopping at the occasional farmer’s market, we had to ask ourselves – what food safety regulation applies to the food there? The same as or different than the fruits and vegetables we buy at the grocery store?

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When is “Science” Truly Science?

The phrase “new research shows…” might not always give the most dependable health information. In this information age, we are constantly bombarded with and have easy access to copious amounts of info and data about health-related research findings including ones claiming to have supporting scientific evidence. But how do you know the scientific evidence is based on sound science? As consumers, its important to determine whether the findings of new scientific studies are reliable and which are not?

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What’s the Buzz on Bees

Why are the bees dying and what is the solution? Agriculture and pollinators and are in a sticky situation. Many farmers depend on insecticides to protect or prevent their crops from chewing insects— but many crops depend on insects for pollination. Headlines shout, “without pollinators, we have no food!” And while that statement is absolutely true, the answer to the decline in honey bee and other pollinator populations involve a multitude of co-mingling factors and is much more complex than just the use of pesticides. So, what do you need to know about this issue? Here is the buzz…

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