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D2D in the Kitchen: Prepping a Clean Turkey

Gobble Gobble. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and many of you will soon be prepping the old butter-ball for your friends and family. Thanksgiving turkey, like all meat and poultry, must be handled properly in order to avoid foodborne illnesses from affecting your holiday. Here’s how to properly prepare your turkey and keep your meal safe…

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More Of The Good Guys…

Kombucha is a tasty tea-based, probiotic drink that has recently become extremely popular in the health-crazed market. This carbonated “cure-all” boasts the ability to regulate digestion, fight inflammation, and support a healthy immune system. But, are these health claims valid? Let’s find out…

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Digging Deeper: Pasteurization

In our recent “Journey”, Milk: From Cow to Carton, the D2D team explored the process and production of of milk. A few of our readers have questioned why milk needs to be pasteurized. They heard that raw milk has superior nutritional benefits and are curious–what happens during the heating process of pasteurization? We decided to dig deeper into the important role pasteurization plays in the production of milk.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has become an extremely popular “cure all,” that many believe has the ability to help fight weight gain, keep your gut healthy, regulate your stomach acidity, clear up your skin, stabilize blood sugar, and fight cancer cells. It sounds too good to be true. Is it…?

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Is Salt worth its Salt?

Geologists call it Halite, chemists call it sodium chloride (NaCl)— the rest of us just call it salt.  Salt has a remarkable history, which dates back to the earliest civilizations. It is a vital component in the functioning of our bodies and it boasts over 14,000 known uses. You can cook, flavor and finish your food with fine, coarse or flakey salt, and select from white, grey, pink, red, black and even blue salts.  So, what should we make of all these choices? Is there a difference in taste or nutritional quality of the different salts? Lets take a look…

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Moguls on the Powder Run!

Protein is extremely important. It helps your body build muscle, repair issue, and creates important hormones and enzymes. While every person is different and may require different amounts of protein, one thing is for sure— we all need it. To make it easier to get protein, many consumers turn to protein supplements. But, do you know where these powders or products are coming from? The D2D team took a deeper look at some protein supplements—here is what we learned…

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CTRL+ALT+P…here comes your dinner!

When you think of eating a well-balanced, homemade meal full of fresh ingredients the last word that comes to mind is technology. Today, culinary experts are exploring how food can be… printed! Is it possible to print food that is fresh and tasty? Will our kitchens soon be equipped with printers?! Where is this new technology headed?

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Are You Chicken of Antibiotics?

Many of us would not be alive today without antibiotics. While antibiotics have certainly been a life – saver, there is also a downside to overuse. What is the healthy balance? And how do animals treated with antibiotics affect this balance? Many organizations often argue that giving animals antibiotics leads to human resistance. Is there any truth to this? Let’s find out…

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What’s With Alkaline Water?

Water is the most important substance for the human body– it’s over 50% of our body mass. But does the type of water you drink make you healthier? Recently, alkaline water has become hugely popular in the U.S. It promises to balance out acidity in your body, help neutralize free radicals, and protect against osteoporosis. Is this true? Let’s find out…

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