At Dirt-to-Dinner, we use verified science to answer questions and dispel myths on our global food supply chain, sustainable agriculture, food safety, and nutrition.

Global Food and You explains how and why countries are dependent on each other for a constant food supply. Within our posts, D2D will explore the following questions:

  • How do the major global breadbaskets feed the world?
  • Can our food be both local and global?
  • How do trade and global regulations make our food safer?

Sustainable Agriculture looks for the balance between feeding the world’s population today without compromising the environment or future generations of tomorrow. Within our posts, D2D will explore the following questions…

  • Can we grow enough food to sustainably feed 9.6 billion people by 2050?
  • How do we increase our yield per acre while using less water and less inputs?
  • What new technologies are being adopted to increase sustainability while making farms run more efficiently?

Food and Nutrition examines the integrity of our food. Within our posts, D2D will investigate the following questions…

  • What ingredients are in our food?
  • Is our food safe?
  • How do our food choices influence our health?

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